visual snippets from the road

I’ve been on the road since February 4th!  It’s been four months of road trippin’ with the podcast. Here’s a little of what I’ve seen and done from  JFK->SFO->LAX->SFO->PDX->and beyond.

Seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  What a beauty.

A Jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where Jean Richards was adamant that I visit and where we recorded her story. We sat at a table in the cafeteria while workers had at meeting a table nearby, children played and people sipped their coffee.




I got to meet Lola on my trip to Los Angeles.


Welcome to Portland, Oregon! DSC_0862

I found Brooklyn in Portland, OR.


“Lack of Passion: Kills.” On a very long walk that led me to a park by the river I came across these words to live by in Portland, Oregon.DSC_0846

The Mother Wit Conference in NYC. Grateful to be one of the co-creators.IMG_6637

Generative fellows reunion at NLNI. Left those awesome rain boots at a hotel in Amherst. They were just too difficult to travel with.  Casualties of life on the road!DSC_0257

Hanging with fellow full-spectrum doulas at CLPP. Enjoying the sun in Western Massachusetts with doulas from The Doula Project, Bay Area Doula Project and The Boston Doula Project.
DSC_0260 Cambridge, MA.

Late night audio editing in a borrowed living room in Cambridge, MA. I’ve been up all night on Wednesday nights to prepare Thursday’s new story. We’re posting our new stories on Tuesdays from now. (Photo credit: Sandy Placido) DSC_0208
The Women’s Center / Centro De Mujeres in Cambridge where I facilitated a workshop attended by some amazing women. DSC_0382

Cat-sitting Lucia and Harold in Cambridge.Fotor0701193139

On a beautiful Saturday morning in Boston, I saw this lone anti-abortion protester kneeling and praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic.DSC_0384

Words of wisdom from my (almost) 12 year old cousin. She lent me her bed and I slept over this note for a few days in Providence, RI. DSC_0467

On my way to meet a story-sharer in Providence. DSC_0469

Meet Gatilda Gata! I acquired a new travel companion in Providence, RI. Many thanks to Meredith Stern for gifting her to me. Now I won’t be so lonely on the road. Gatilda will now be road trippin’ with me. DSC_0485

She has a story too. I am always here to listen.DSC_0492

We now have tote bags!  Abortion Diary totes are coming to a podcast stop near

Stay tuned for more as I continue on this tour with my mic!


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