I’m really glad I had that choice

Abortion Diary Entry 146:  Abby A., 63 (Pasadena, CA 1970 and Los Angeles, CA 1986)

Abby shares her experiences seeking abortions in California at two very different times in her life. 

(Published on January 31, 2017 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: Santa Monica, CA)

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Hello, this is Jane.

Abortion Diary Entry 145: Judith Arcana, 73

Judith Arcana shares her experiences as a Jane in The Abortion Counseling Service of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union (usually known as JANE*), the underground abortion service in Chicago.  From 1968-1973, JANE provided over 11,000 people safe and affordable abortions, and abortion counseling. 

In August 2014, I posted the recording of my first interview with Judith.  In this second interview, she talks about who performed abortions for Jane, how she learned to perform abortions, and how women were counseled by the service.  She offers us a history lesson and her wisdom, both of which we must learn from in these uncertain times.

Judith Arcana is a writer – and a Jane, a member of the feminist underground service. She worked in the service for two years, and then taught classes on women’s health and sexuality for the Women’s Liberation School.   Judith writes books, poems, stories, and essays, and hosts Poetry and Everything on KBOO community radio in Oregon on the fourth Monday of every month at 10:00 pm.  She published a fiction zine rooted in abortion service history, Keesha and Joanie and JANE. Visit Judith’s website: http://www.juditharcana.com/home/

(Published on January 24, 2017| Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: Portland, OR)

Part I

*For more information about JANE read Judith’s books, poems, and essays, and Laura Kaplan’s book, The Story of Jane.

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I want to be okay with it for myself

Abortion Diary Entry 142:  Anonymous, 19 (New York, NY 2015)

Anonymous shares her story of seeking an abortion as a high school senior in the New York City.

(Published on January 3, 2017 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: New York, NY)

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How can I ask women to share their own stories if I don’t share my own?

Abortion Diary Entry 140: Amy, 46 (Cincinnati, OH 1991/92 & New Orleans, LA 2010/11)

Amy shares her stories of seeking abortions at two very different times in her life, and why she founded the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Louisiana’s abortion fund, in 2012.  She also shares her experience of being a surviver of sexual assault.

(Published on November 23, 2016 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: New Orleans, LA)

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it’s very difficult, very timely, very costly

Abortion Diary Entry 137:  V., 36 (Atlanta, GA 2003 & 2005)

V. shares her experiences of obtaining two abortions while enlisted in the military.

(Published on August 15, 2016 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: Georgia)

Melissa is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands until August 17th, and in Berlin. Germany from August 17th until August 24. If you would like to share your story, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.theabortiondiary.com and fill out our contact form.

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