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Abortion Diary Entry 117: Jae S., 31 (Atlanta, GA 2006, 2013 & 2014)

Jae shares her story of obtaining abortions while raising her children. In the United States, about 61% of abortions are obtained by women who have one or more children.

(Published on October 15, 2015 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: Atlanta, GA)

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it’s important to include the experiences of people with disabilities

Abortion Diary Entry 103: Robin WB, 42 (Atlanta, GA 2008)

Robin shares her story of seeking an abortion in Altanta, GA.

(Published on June 16, 2015 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: Atlanta, GA)

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Robin: My story actually starts in December of 2007. I had acquired a disability in 2004. I got a spinal cord injury from a birth defect inside my spinal cord, and I found out a week before having to have the surgery done that I was pregnant with my daughter. I had a really, really grueling pregnancy with her. I had some Post traumatic stress disorder from there, because of undergoing physical rehabilitation, because I’m a quadriplegic, but incomplete, that’s why I can walk, but having to learn how to sit up again, feed myself again, do physical rehabilitation while I’m pregnant. With my pregnancy I also had other issues, hyperemesis gravidarum, or I threw up the entire pregnancy and I lost 70 pounds, and just all of that… that was just too much trauma for my body. So I had a hellacious experience with pregnancy. I loved the end result. I loved the fact that I was growing a life, and I was extremely looking forward to my daughter, but the whole experience was really, really horrible.

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