Dear Congress:

FullSizeRender 2The Abortion Diary Podcast’s founder has something to say Congress:

“As someone who’s had an abortion and, again, spoken with over 200 people who have as well, I can assure you of this: When we have an abortion, we are making the right decision for ourselves, our bodies, our families, our communities, and our futures. We will not change our minds or back down from what we know is right for us because of your archaic and reprehensible laws. The idea that we should take note from politicians about how to navigate our bodies is one that we as a community will not only denounce, but also continue to reject and resist. Abortion is a personal choice. Period. It is not up for political debate.” – Melissa Madera (The Abortion Diarist)

Read the rest of her letter on SELF Magazine‘s website.

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Happy New Year!

There isn’t a new abortion diary entry this week. I’ll be posting a new story on Tuesday, January 3rd, and return to our weekly schedule. Until then listen to over 140 stories that have already […]

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Melissa was featured in Rewire

  Dr. Melissa Madera, Founder of The Abortion Diary Podcast, was interviewed for Rewire‘s new Artist at Work series! “I don’t speak to the political explicitly because I don’t want to ever shift my main […]

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