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Diary Entry 45: Judith,  71 (Chicago, IL, 1974)

Judith Arcana shares her experiences as a Jane in The Abortion Counseling Service of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union (usually known as JANE*), the underground abortion service in Chicago,  and her own abortion experience soon after the Roe v. Wade decision.

Judith Arcana is a writer – and a Jane, a member of the feminist underground service that helped more than eleven thousand women and girls have safe illegal abortions in Chicago before the Roe decision in January of 1973. She worked in the service for two years, and then taught classes on women’s health and sexuality for the Women’s Liberation School. Last year she published a fiction zine rooted in abortion service history (Keesha and Joanie and JANE ); her story collection about tattooing and abortion, called Hello. This is Jane. – is currently seeking a publisher. Visit Judith’s website: http://www.juditharcana.com/.

(Published on August 26, 2014 | Listener: Melissa Madera | Location: Portland, OR)

Part II

*For more information about JANE read Laura Kaplan’s book, The Story of Jane.

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